India is the hub of World's oldest and most diverse culture and the source centre of Knowledge, Spirituality, Blessings and the ultimate bliss.

Set forth is a cultural and philosophical "Rath-Yathra" through the historical trajectories of India dating back thousands of years with an aim to Review and Revive the Ancient India..exploring Vedas, the encyclopaedia of India which is the back bone of Indian culture. The four Vedas recorded  many decades ago include Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda and all of them together are attributed to as "Chaturveda". First three Vedas highlight Fire, Air & Sun and the fourth Veda is noted for its Name-"Veda of Magical Formulas”.

Each Veda has an Upaveda for it, giving emphasis to special Subject.

Rigveda - Sthapatyaveda (Dealing with Architecture)
Yajurveda - Dhanurveda (Science of Archery)
Sāmaveda - Gāndharvaveda (Science of Music & Sacred Dance)
Atharvaveda - Ayurveda (Science Of Medicine & Life)

"Ayurveda "- the ancient science of life, that arose from Vedic knowledge is being practised in India since time immemorial. It is a well known Traditional Healing Science that interconnects the Nature & Human. Ayurveda helps us lead a Healthy, Happy, Stress free & Disease free life by combining the modern lifestyle & health-oriented habits with the ancient wisdom of using natural substances, medicines &herbs.


Ayurveda is also mentioned in Ramayana. Today, advanced concepts of this medicine have reached its zenith and there is a high demand for this treatment because of its multifarious qualities. 

With increasing stress in everyday life, people are perpetually looking for a medium through which one can attain a peaceful mind. Here, another science of Indian culture, that of Meditation and Yoga came into scene. Meditation and Yoga are synonymous with India and Indian culture and have world wide acceptance.

SATVA aims to communicate the message enshrined in the vast Indian culture and the Vedas, for Universal well being. Apart from that, it enlightens the present generation about the Antiquity, Authenticity and Importance of Indian culture and thereby take our country back to its good old days and make the people aware about the Glory of Indian culture. 

Many sources describe our culture as "Prathama Sanskrati-Vishvavara"-The first supreme culture, according to

AWGP (All World Gayatri Pariwar).

SATVA will be the first channel in the world to present the greatness of Indian culture which is Pure, Sacred, Ancient and universal in all its splendour in Audio and visual form to the world.

Dreaming is a channel with more professional approach ,Purpose, Purity and determination rather than a commercial one. Ultimately reclaim the prestigious, Bharath - the ancient, Sacred and Precious source.

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