Why not accept Ayurveda as National System of Medicine ?

Dr. M P Mithra


November 13, 2020 was the 5th National / World Ayurveda Day. "I pledge to make Ayurveda an integral part of my daily life and thereby enable good health and well-being for myself, my family, and my community, in harmony with nature". The pamphlet issued by the Ministry of AYUSH urges that this is the pledge we should take as part of the day's celebrations. This year, more than 75 countries, including the US, UK, Russia, Japan and Australia, have come forward to participate in the day's celebrations, indicating the global acceptance of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is the first ever medical knowledge in the world to develop as a science and there arise no chance of dispute about that. Ayurveda that flourished for thousands of years as the health sector of India's richest culture, began to decline with the invasion of foreigners.

The back support given by the essence of this Ashtanga Shastra, derived from careful analysis and reconciliation of universal principles, physical properties and causes of diseases makes this science still relevant in the modern age.

Even when the modern world is in crisis over emerging epidemics, Ayurveda is able to support this condition because of its perpetual, strong basic principles.

The theme of this year's Ayurveda Day is Ayurvedic intervention in COVID-19. AYUSH interventions have been shown to be the biggest factor in reducing the mortality rate of COVID-19 patients in India.

This astonishing success has garnered global attention. This is the reason why the World Health Organisation (WHO) is turning to India to study Ayurvedic practices.

The Ministry of AYUSH conducted a profile access study of 80,000 Delhi Police personnel, provided them with Ayur Raksha kits to boost their immunity from May 20 to July 19 and monitored them for a month. As a result, The Ministry of AYUSH has released information that the spread of COVID-19 has been found to be four times less.

A 50-bed COVID-19 Care Centre at AIIMS (All India Institute of Ayurveda, New Delhi) is functioning under the Ministry of AYUSH. There, 250 Covid patients were cured within two and a half months without a single death rate. The infection rate here has dropped to zero from the national average of 6%, and no health care professional has been diagnosed with the disease.

According to the report, when the Madhya Pradesh government provided Ayurvedic medicines to thousands of people, patients recovered quickly from Covid and the time taken for recovery of the patients at hospital was comparatively short. Another study conducted by the Ministry of AYUSH on 30,000 people in containment zones in Delhi shows the amazing effectiveness of Ayurveda in Covid Treatment.

There is a big difference between Western medicine and Ayurveda. Westerners favor Pratyaksha Pramana and focus only on macro objects. It is also often referred to as "Evidence Based". But the Indians, in addition to the Pratyaksha Pramana, also emphasize the subtleties beyond the sights. In other words, what is apparent can be perceived by the common sense, but the subtleties can only be perceived by the thoughtfully developed intellect. In Ayurveda, there are many ways to find the supernatural cause, including "Darshana’s". That is why what was seen in the initial direction does not change day by day and remains the same today.

It is because of this philosophical nature that the benefits of "Chyavanaprasham" found in the body thousands of years ago are still felt today. Ayurveda stands out as a medical science that can be interpreted, developed and enriched with new knowledge without the need for revision. This is because, it is based on the principles that govern the root cause of the universe. Therefore, it is sure to say that Ayurveda will continue to exist as long as the universe remains as it is. Being able to face criticism with courage is also at the core of the cosmic essence.

Many modern researches prove the scientificity of Ayurveda. Recently, geneticists, including renowned Cardiologist Dr. MS Valyathan, discovered that the classification of the human body (body constitution) is based on the “Tridoshas”. Impurity is the disease; and Treatment is cleansing; this basic principle has been proven experimentally. Ayurveda has many treatments that are not available in any other medical system.

One of them is "Panchakarma treatment".

According to the Modern medicine, Lipoprotein (A) is a component of the blood that cause heart disease. The normalization of increased lipoprotein level, in a heart patient after 14 days of panchakarma treatment highlights the importance of panchakarma in body cleansing.

The other is “Rasayana-vajeekarana” drugs.

The positive changes they make in our body can only be known by experiencing it. The famous "Chyavanaprasham" is just one of many such medicines. I still remember what a Homeopathic doctor at his 70’s said when I started the practice. “You may have learned about 'Chyavanaprasham', but I'm a person who has experienced its benefits for years. I have been taking this for the last fourteen years; I have never had a cold during this time." The part that came to my mind when he said that, is about one of the benefits of this drug "Jara Jarjarito Api Aaseeth Naari Nayana Nandana“ (Even in your old age you will look good to women). When it is said that there is medicine in Ayurveda for skin wrinkles in old age, the scientificity of this medicine can only be guessed.

It has been proven that even damaged heart valves can be repaired with Ayurvedic treatment. Another unique feature of this Indian medical science is that it is rich in many natural remedies that have no side effects. Medication taken for one disease not only does not cause another disease, but also reduces more than one disease.

The world-famous virtue of "immunity" that emerged with the spread of Covid was referred to in Ayurveda centuries ago as "Vyaadhi Kshamatva".

The Rasayana-Vaajeekarana drugs mentioned above are sufficient to increase immunity. Experiments have clearly shown that when these drugs are taken, the number of "T cells" in the body increased.

In his book, Candace Pert, an American neuroscientist who has done research in the field of psycho neuro immunology, says that this subject is already mentioned in Ayurvedic texts. Isn't their post a testament to the fact that Ayurveda is so comprehensive?

The Royal Australian College of Surgeons (RCS) is responsible for training surgeons and raising the standard of surgery in Australia and New Zealand. In their headquarters, a statue of Sushruta, a great Indian physician, can be seen. There is also an inscription on the plaque describing him as the "Father of Surgery". An English translation of the Sushruta Samhita describing Sushruta's treatment is also kept there. They say that Sushruta is a man of foundations in Indian medicine and surgery and is hailed as the Indian rival of Hippocrates.

The status of Ayurveda in India, which is respected even by foreigners, is still deplorable.

The government is now in doubt as to whether it wants Vilasini or Krishna Mayuri in the final round to select the national butterfly. Why is the Central Government reluctant to recognize Ayurveda as the Sixteenth National Element of India? It is to be acknowledged, Ayurveda is one of the wonders of the world, Millennia old, increasingly relevant every day. Our neighbouring country, Sri Lanka, has recognized Ayurveda as their national medicine, by acknowledging that it is Indian medicine.

In this context, the health aspirants are hopeful that the Government of India will come forward to declare Ayurveda as the National Medical Science after this day.



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